CTS 2333 (Unix/Linux Networking) Project #7
NFS and SMB Shares


Due: by the start of class on the date shown on the syllabus


Use NFS version 4 and Samba version 4 to set up file sharing.


  1. Set up Samba, as shown in class (and in the class notes and web resource).
  2. Set up NFS, as shown in the class notes and web resource.
  3. Test NFS, by mounting an NFS share and accessing a file.
  4. Test SMB by using the client tools to access a share and download a file.

To be turned in:

You can send as email to (preferred).  If email is a problem for some reason, you may turn in a hard-copy.  In this case the pages should be readable, dated, and stapled together.  Your name should appear on the first page.  See the System Journal Hints section above for more details.

Please see your syllabus for more information about submitting projects.