' A demo of a console application.  These applications should be run from
' the MS-DOS command prompt.  When run using Visual Studio debugger, a console
' window will appear, however it vanishes as soon as the program ends.  To
' keep the window open it is a common practice to make the user type something.
' Console applications don't require any classes, just a Sub procedure named
' "Main" (in some module of course).  The module containing the Main procedure
' is set in the project's properties.
' In this demo the program merely counts down using a For-Next loop.
' Written 3/2010 by Wayne Pollock, Tampa Florida USA

Module ConnsoleAppModule

    Sub Main()
        For i As Integer = 10 To 1 Step -1
            Console.Write(i.ToString() & "...")
        Console.WriteLine(Environment.NewLine & "Blast-off!")

        Console.WriteLine(Environment.NewLine & Environment.NewLine & _
                          "(Hit any key to exit)")
        Console.ReadKey(True) ' Wait for user to hit any key.
    End Sub

End Module