Oracle 9i DBA Tool Descriptions

Below is a list of some of tools used by DBAs.  Note that some tools can be started from the system's command line prompt (the CLI), others can be started from Oracle's Enterprise Management Console (the OEM console), and some can be started either way.

[This information obtained from table 2-1 of Carol McCullough-Dieter's Oracle9i Database Administrator: Implementation and Administration, ©2003 by Course Technology, pages 28-29.]

List of DBA tools available with Oracle
NamePurposeStart from
OEM console?
Start from
Analyze Wizard Collect statics about objects, validates tables X  
Backup Wizard Creates backup schedules and provides instructions X  
Data Migration (Update) Assistant Migrates (moves) data from older Oracle versions to newer ones   X
Database Configuration Assistant Creates nd configures database instances   X
Enterprise Manager Console Provides access to tools for dtabase creation, configuration, monitoring, and management   X
Export Wizard Exports data in a standard format X  
Import Wizard Imports data in from standard format X  
Instance Manager Start/stop/monitor a database, configure initialization parameters X  
Log Miner Examines the redo log files X  
Net Configuration Assistant Configures Oracle Net   X
Net Manager Another tool to configure Oracle Net X X
Schema Manager View and modify data, schem objects (tables, ...) X X
Security Manager Create/view/modify/delete users, roles, and profiles, and change/expire user passwords X  
SQL*Plus Execute SQL and PL/SQL commands to run queries and reports, and to start/stop the database   X
SQL*Plus Worksheet Similar to Windows DOSKEY, provides a buffer and extra editing commands to enter SQL statements more easily than with SQL*Plus alone X  
Storage Manager Monitor and configure database storage X  
Summary Advisor Wisard Analyizes databases and generates recommendations for data warehousing X