Web Site Concept Project

(This project is worth 5 points.)


In a future assignment (NOT this assignment), each student will design and create a simple web site to be posted on the HCC Student server.  For this project you will decide what the theme of your web site will be (that is, what sort of content will you have in your website).  Automated Web design tools and/or sites such as Homestead, Geocities, Microsoft Word's “save as web page” feature, FrontPage, etc. MAY NOT be used.  Pages must be created using a text editor such Notepad, where you type in the HTML tags and text yourself.

The purpose of this (website concept) project is to get you thinking about the subject and how you will accomplish the pages before it's too late to get it all done.  You may wish to read over the directions for the website project before deciding on your concept, or check out what past students have done (last term's student website projects can also be found at the HCC Student server).

Remember that to complete the website project, it will take some time to design, collect materials, learn HTML, and construct your web pages.  Then you still have to learn to use FTP and publish your files on the Website!  This is why it pays to think about the topic for your website early.  This way I can give feedback about any inappropriate topics before you spend a lot of time working on the website project.

Submission Instructions

You must create a HTML page using Notepad or some other text editor, that states what topic your website project will be about.  Rather than start completely from scratch, you can save a sample web page and edit it using Notepad.  Here is a good sample basic HTML page you can use.  Rename the file to “concept.htm”.

If using a lab or other public computer, save the file to removable media (flash drive).  Do not save to the hard drive of a college computer.  It will be deleted automatically when the computer is rebooted.

Return to Online@HCC and select “Assignments” from the “Course Tools” menu.  Select “Web Page Concept Project”.  Follow the directions to select, upload and submit the completed file.

Note that projects sent as email WILL NOT be graded.  You must use this assignment “drop-box”.

Once you complete this assignment, you will be provided with a username and password to use on the student web server, which you will use when uploading your website.

Assignment Directions

Edit the “body” of an HTML file “concept.htm”, putting in a short (a sentence or two) description of what your web site will be about.  (That is the website you will create in a later assignment; here I just want you to tell me about the website you will create later.) State the intended topic and perhaps something about how it will be covered.  Be specific!  You must also include your name in the document.

Your website can be about nearly anything you want.  Some of the following topics were used by others in the past:

Web sites will NOT contain any of the following:

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