Social Networking Project

(Casual Communications)

(This project is worth 15 points.)


The rise of social networking has dramatically increased causal written communications.  When chatting, using IM, SMS, it is common to use acronyms and abbreviations for common words and phrases.  This is sometimes referred to as leet-speak, text speak, or TXT SPK (or even TXT SP3EAK).

Although leet-speak is not considered as professional communications, it is still important to be able to understand such messages.

Assignment Directions

For this assignment you must translate the following “leet-speak“ text into normal English, without any “slang“;.  Your translation MUST NOT include any acronyms or abbreviations:

Noobies Hngn Ot n d HCC Lab

FAWC debbies just uz crogs @ 1st, or surf d dub-dub-dub. They often fall 4 flogs n FUD while lukin 4 warez, or start flame wars with trolls 4 no gd reasN. They think they r so 1337, d Opala they post makes evryting nar, esp when they SHOUT. I usu plonk them. IMHO, IRL d noobs hng ot n d HCC Open lab only as chatflys. Watching posers pre10d 2 av m3d sk1llz rox0rs, I FOMCL! W00t-W00t!

Btw, J/K! DBEYR.

There are a number of websites on the Internet that will help you translate this.  (By now you should know how to search and find these!)  For example, is a dictionary site containing on-line slang and text-messaging abbreviations. Use this or a similar resource to help translate.

Submission Instructions

For this assignment you do not need to create an HTML document.  You can submit a plain text document instead.

You can use any filename you wish.  Do not use any spaces in the file name!  If using a lab or other public computer, save the file to removable media (floppy disk or flash drive).  Do not save to the hard drive of a college computer.  It will be deleted automatically when the computer is rebooted.

Return to Canvas and select Assignments from the Course Tools menu.  Select Extra-Credit Project (Casual Communication).  Follow the directions to select, upload and submit the completed file.

Note that projects sent as email WILL NOT be graded.  You must use this assignment's drop-box.

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