Internet Scavenger Hunt

(This project is worth 30 points.)


Much of the searching done on the Internet is to answer specific questions.  While a handful of sites permit a search for answers based on written-English questions, most require carefully selected keywords and ideas.  Selecting keywords, constructing questions, and structuring Boolean operators take practice.  (Reading about Internet searching techniques is much easier than actually using them!)

For this project you will use what you have learned about searching to locate some difficult to find information on the Internet.  Remember to use search engines as well as looking in specialty sites and libraries.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information requested is in fact available.  But as you know websites change and even go away over time, and some of the information requested may no longer be available anywhere.  Should some information no longer be available at the time of grading this assignment, those questions will not be counted.

Submission Instructions

Prior to attempting an Application Assignment submission, please practice with the Practice Assignment.  You have only ONE submission attempt allowed.  You cannot submit a second attempt so be careful and follow the directions.

  1. Using the same submission steps as with the practice assignment, save this file to your computer as “scavenger.htm”.  Be sure to save as “Web page, HTML only”, and not “Web page, Complete” or any other type.
  2. Enter the following information here:

    Student Name: replace these seven words with your name

  3. For each of the questions below, search the Internet using what you have learned, until you find the correct answers.  Since not all published information is accurate, you should try to check any questionable answers from a second source.
  4. Answer the question.  (As usual, put your answer right after the question.)  If there are multiple parts to a question, for full credit you must answer all parts; and all answers MUST come from the same website.  (They may come from different pages on that one site.)
  5. Include as a clickable link (or hyperlink) the URL where you found the answer.  You will not receive full credit unless you can show from where you obtained your answers!
  6. Using the same file saving steps as with the practice assignment, save the edited file as “scavenger.htm”.
  7. Return to Canvas, and follow the directions to select, upload and submit the completed file to the correct drop-box.
  8. Note that improperly completed and/or improperly identified mail WILL NOT be graded.

Assignment Questions

Grading:  For full credit, you must locate and answer correctly at least 20 of the items below, including the required links.

  1. When is the next U.S. unmanned rocket launch scheduled?
  2. What names will be used this year for Atlantic hurricanes starting with R and T?
  3. Where is the telephone number 202-456-1414 and to whom is it listed (DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER TO ANSWER THE QUESTION)?
  4. Who pitched a no-hitter in the 1956 World Series?
  5. What company developed "SQL"? What was the name of the original query language, developed in 1974?
  6. What movie is currently ranked fifth in gross box office sales worldwide for all time (not just for their opening week)?
  7. Who played Sara in the movie "Sweet November" (Hint: there is more than one version of this movie)?
  8. What resort sits at the extreme north-east corner of Grand Cayman Island?
  9. Name one of the original main hosts of "The Screen Savers" television show.
  10. At what university is the "Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center" (CERT/CC) located? What government agency hosts the website for the "United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team" (US-CERT), and what is the URL of that website? Locate the US-CERT "National Cyber Awareness System" website; What is the date of the most recent "Current Activity"? Now find the most recent "Weekly Summary of new Vulnerabilities" Bulletin on that site. What is the date of the most recent bulletin? Examine the most recent weekly summary bulletin. How many of the items reported are related to Microsoft, to Linux, to Apple, or to others?
  11. How many people named John Doe (really!) - and with a Social Security Number - have died in the United States since records were computerized? How many of them lived in Arizona when they died?
  12. What is the average number of "albums" recording artist Eithne Ní Bhraonáin (her real name) currently sells each day? (Hint: Not 10,000)
  13. How many current arrest warrants exist in Hillsborough County for white females named Smith? Who is the last on the list?
  14. How many sexual predators live within the zip code 33614?
  15. Who is the founder of the World Wide Web? Where does he/she work today? What is his/her e-mail address?
  16. How many Shriner's Children's Hospitals are there in the United States? Where is the closest one to the HCC Dale Mabry campus?
  17. Where is the show “Phantom of the Opera” appearing on Broadway (“Broadway” is a street in New York City where many theaters are located)? How much are orchestra tickets for the next available evening show there, that isn't sold out?
  18. How many “active” world-wide web domain names are estimated to exist in the world today?
  19. In the traditional song Greensleeves, what two-word phrase is repeated in each of the last four verses (be careful not to count the chorus)?
  20. What company operated by the Central Intelligence Agency provides cash to new technology companies? Name at least one company they have funded.
  21. What cruise line sails to "Castaway Cay" in the Bahamas? What is the minimum cost of an "outside" (has an ocean view) stateroom for a three-night cruise, for two adults, for the next available cruise?
  22. What are the names of the U.S. senators (not state senators) who serve the people living in Florida? Who is the U.S. congressman representing the people living in the zip code 33614-7810? How did that Congressman vote on the most recent vote that passed, and what was that vote for?
  23. What is a "GoogleWhack"? Provide one example.
  24. Where on-line can you find a recording of “The Alligator Song” from the Green Corn Dance? ( The Green Corn Dance is a spiritual ritual of purification and thanksgiving held each spring by the Seminole Indians of Florida.)

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