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Description of Subnetting
( www.HowToSubnet.com)

Description of Suppernetting

IGRP Metric Calculation Description

ISDN BRI Sample Configuration

Download free Windows IP Subnet Calculator from Net3Group

Download free Windows TFTP server from Cisco

Download free Windows GUI Router configuration file creator application (configmaker)

RFC archive (including search engine)

IANA home site (Assigned protocol, AS, and port numbers, TLDs, etc.)

The ABCs of IOS (How the IOS works)

Short Cisco Networking Quiz (with answers)

IOS Command Reference (for all versions)

Undocumented Cisco IOS command reference

Threaded Case Study (TCS) Sample Solution

Cisco Product Guide (PDF)

Networking Equipment Pricing Information

Router Password Recovery Procedures

Router IOS Flash Recovery Procedures

Practice using Cisco Router IOS on-line at www.R1R2.com or www.Lab-IT.com.

Some sites containing tons of router and network information and resources are:




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