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The default locale is set via the Regional Settings control panel on Windows or the environment variable LANG on Unix.  To see IGreet for other than the default locale, add the desired locale to the URL as a query string.  For example:


The locale can be a language code only, language_country, or language_country_variant.  The supported locales are currently French ("fr"), France-French ("fr_FR"), and US English ("en_US").

Unknown locales use the nearest match.  The US English locale is the default for completely unknown languages.  See the Java API docs for java.util.ResourceBundle for more details.

IGreet uses ListResourceBundle classes instead of properties files.  This is a more portable solution since the classes load correctly in all current browsers (unlike property files and Netscape 4).  Another advantage is that unlike property files, ListResourceBundle classes can contain any sort of resource, not just ASCII text.  Finally, using classes means everything can be bundled into a single jar file.  (To run IGreet as stand-alone, download IGreet.jar and double-click, or run from the command line this way:  java -jar IGreet.jar fr FR.)

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