View/download Java source.

Download Grades.mdb.  This is a Microsoft Access DB containing the single table Grades.

View the Applet GUI Design Notes.

How to setup

Download the database file, and setup an ODBC datasource called Grades.  Download and compile the the source code.  It should now work if run as a stand-alone program:

C:\java>java Grades

Use 111-22-3333 for the Student_ID, and 4444 for the PIN.

If that works you can try to run it as an applet.  Download this HTML page (from your browser's File menu-->SaveAs...) as Grades.htm.  Actually all you really need is any file with the following APPLET tag:

<APPLET CODE="Grades" WIDTH="680" HEIGHT="200">

Then you should be able to run the applet as follows:

C:\java>appletviewer Grades.htm

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