CTS 1106 (Intro to Unix/Linux) Project #4
Files, Links, and Directories


Due: by the start of class on the date shown on the syllabus


Dear Intro to Unix/Linux students,

In my home directory ("wpollock" on YborStudent.hccfl.edu) is a text file called "proj4".  Your assignment is to read this file and follow the directions in it exactly.

It is up to you to figure out where my home directory is and how to read the file (hint: use a pathname); but if you get stuck please ask me for help.  Please don't wait until the last moment to begin work on this project!

Good luck!

To be turned in:

Send your email to wpollock on YborStudent.  Use a subject such as "Intro to Unix/Linux - Project 4".  Make sure the project4 directory is in your home directory, and all the files for this project are correctly named and to be found in your project4 directory.  Be sure to complete the project by the due date.

Note this project really should be emailed to YborStudent and not to my address at acm.org!  Please use the subject "Intro to Unix/Linux Project #4" so I can tell which emails are submitted projects.

Send project questions to .  Please use the subject "Intro to Unix/Linux Project #4 Questions" so I can tell which emails are questions about the project (and not submissions).

Projects will not be returned.  Please do not send as attachments.  Refer to the Projects and the Submitting Assignments sections of your syllabus for more information.