CTS 1106 (Intro to Unix/Linux) Project #1
Set Your Finger Information


Due: by the end of class on the date shown on the syllabus


The master list of user accounts is in the database (actually a text file) called /etc/passwd.  Every line in this file is a single record, which describes one user account.  One of the fields in each record (line) is known as the comment or GECOS or simply the finger information field.  Although this field can contain all sorts of information (and in fact may be empty), the most common use is to hold a user's real name.  To view this and other user account information you can use the finger command.

For this project you must update your account record so that the finger information field contains your full name, as shown on the official HCC records.  Do not add any other information such as an office location or phone number, only your name.  For full credit, you must use your full name (no nick-names), correctly spelled and capitalized, with no additional information.

For example:

    Wayne Pollock            - right
    WAYNE POLLOCK            - wrong
    wayne pollock            - wrong
    W. "Prof." Pollock       - wrong
    Wayne Pollock, 555-1234  - wrong

You should use the chfn command to change your finger information on YborStudent.

If you do add too much information or make a typo or other error, you will need to carefully read the man page for the chfn command and experiment with it until you get it exactly right.

Additional Notes:

A related command is chsh, to change your default shell.  (Change this with extreme caution only!)  Note that not all Unix systems permit users to update their account information.  In many cases only the System Administrator (SA) is allowed to do so.  Finally, not that for Solaris Unix there is no chfn or chsh commands.  Instead you use special options of the passwd command to update account records.  (That is, you would do that but Solaris doesn't usually allow users to update their account records.  A resourceful system administrator will add a custom chfn command if this functionality is desired.)

To be turned in:

There is nothing to turn in.  Just be sure to complete the project by the due date.  (Time for this project will be provided in class.)  Once finished, do not change your finger information again until after you have checked that your project has been graded.

Refer to the Projects and the Submitting Assignments sections of your syllabus for more information.