CTS 1106 (Intro to Unix/Linux) Homework Assignment #2


Due: by the start of class on the date shown on the syllabus


Answer the following questions as briefly (but completely) as possible:

  1. Try out the following commands, which create tiny text files:
            echo this is file number one > README [Enter]
            echo this is file number two > readme [Enter]
    What does this show about how Unix treats filenames?
  2. Create a directory using “mkdir” and change into that directory using “cd”.  Next, create another directory within the new directory and then change into that directory.  Now, run cd without any arguments, then run pwd.  What do you conclude about the cd command when run with no arguments?
  3. You won't find the set command in either /bin or /usr/bin, or in any directory listed in the PATH setting.  How is it executed then?  (That is, if there is no set executable, why doesn't this command cause a “command not found” error?)
  4. Why shouldn't you have a filename beginning with a “” (dash)?
  5. When should you use a section number as an argument to man?
  6. What does “deprecated” mean in the IT industry?
  7. Can a user have the same login name more than once in the who output?  What would cause that?
  8. Which command does the ordinary user use to change the system date and time?
  9. If you find that your keystrokes are not being echoed, or appear in a strange font, or as graphics, what remedies should you try?
  10. What key do you press to erase the last character typed?  The last word?  The entire line?

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