Sample ~/.vimrc file

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" ~/.vimrc file of Wayne Pollock

set backspace=indent,eol,start   " allows backspacing over everything
set softtabstop=3     " sets soft tab stops every 4 columns
set expandtab         " convert all tabs to spaces
set shiftwidth=3      " hitting tab indents 4 columns
set autoindent        " indent new line to same as previous
if &term == "xterm"   " Default is to use light background, so with PuTTY
   set bg=dark        " use a color scheme appropriate for black background
endif                 " Note in vim71 this must go in the file:
                      "     ~/.vim/after/syntax/syntax.vim
set laststatus=2      " always show status bar
set ruler             " show cursor position in status bar
set showcmd           " shows partial commands (e.g., "dd") in status bar
set ignorecase        " ignore case when searching
set nohlsearch        " don't highlight search matches
set incsearch         " use incremental searching
set syntax=enable     " use color syntax highlighting
map <F2> i<abbr><Esc>Ea</abbr><Esc>