SmileJar Java Applet

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    View Mona.gif (can download from here)

How to create a Jar file

  1. Compile your .java files to create the .class files:
    C:\Temp> javac
  2. Create the Jar file, with all .class and graphic and sound files:
    C:\Temp> jar -cvf Smile.jar SmileJar.class Mona.gif
  3. Create an HTML file to display your Applet in a Jar.  (Note the new ARCHIVE attribute.)
    <APPLET CODE="SmileJar" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="410" ARCHIVE="Smile.jar">
      <PARAM NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="Mona.gif">
      <STRONG> Sorry, you have a Java-challenged browser! </STRONG>
  4. You should also test out your Jar Applet, by moving the .jar and .htm files to another directory (or by moving or deleting the original .class and media files).

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