How to Install Borland C++ V5.5

Borland's ISO compliant C/C++ compiler (version 5.5) has been released as a free download.  (This is the same compiler as used in Borland Builder 5.)  However, it is a command line version only; you create your .cpp files in Notepad or edit, and compile and run them from an MS-DOS prompt window.

Trouble Shooting Tips

Make sure you get a MS-DOS Prompt window by using your short-cut and not the MS-DOS Prompt short-cut.  (One way to tell is by using a different icon for your C++ shortcut than the default.)

Put a "Hello.cpp" program in your current directory.  This file should contain a short working program.  Then type:

C:\Borland\BCC55\bin\make Hello.exe

(If this works, your PATH is definitely the problem.)



This should show you the current value of PATH.  Are any Borland directories showing?  If so, you probably have a typo so check it carefully.  If not, you probably don't have the .BAT file listed correctly in the shortcut, or you made a typo in the SET PATH statement.  To find out which, close your C++ window.  Then add the following line to your SetUpBcc.BAT file:

echo testing one two three

Save your changes and run your short-cut again.  If the window doesn't show "testing one two three" then your .BAT file isn't being run at all.  If you do see the "testing one two three" message the problem must be with the SET PATH statement.

If you determine your .BAT file isn't being run, make sure you have the complete pathname listed in the short-cut property "Batch File:" (and not the "Cmd Line:" property).  Here's what I am using:


Finally, if the problem seems to be a typo in your SET PATH command, make sure it looks like this (it is not case-sensitive, but note there are no spaces around the equals sign):

SET PATH=C:\Borland\BCC55\Bin;%PATH%