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   Click for next pic I enjoy both computers and teaching how to use and program them.  I graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook with a B.E.E.E. and a B.S. Computer Science (with a minor in Economics) in 1979.  After working for awhile in New York City, I moved to Columbus Ohio and attended Ohio State University, where I obtained a M.S. Computer Science Degree.

I spent the next several years as a consultant to AT&T Bell Laboratories before deciding to teach full time.  I moved to Tampa and attended the University of South Florida to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science.  I continued there until I had ABD status.  However I currently have no plans to complete the Ph.D. degree.  While there I was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi and the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor societies. 

I have been teaching for HCC since 1994, and full-time since 1996.  I was awarded tenure in Fall 1999.  In 1997 it was decided that I would teach some of the Novell networking courses HCC offers.  I was certified as a CNI in 1998.  Several years after that I spent some time taking classes and preparing for Cisco Instructor Certification.  I was certified CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator), as well as a CCAI (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor) in 2001.  I also have previously earned a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) certification from the Chauncey Group International.  These certifications have mostly lapsed as they aren't needed unless I teach the course, and lately I have been concentrating on Unix/Linux, Java, networking, and security.

Other recent activities and interests include Linux, Java, CISSP, and SVG.  I am an regular reviewer for the annual SIGCSE conference proceedings.  I serve on various committees with the college, and regularly teach 1 to 3 overload courses each term (usually 4 or 5 "preps").

I am a member of several professional societies, including

(Feel free to ask me about these organizations, their benefits, and student memberships.)


Faculty Web Pages
Alex Ambrioso and myself have completed a project to ensure every HCC faculty member will have his or her own web page, essentially a complete faculty directory online.  Our goal was to have a unified effort, to have every full-time faculty member's name, information, and preferably a photo on-line.  These web pages are maintained by any faculty member who wishes to do so.

Cisco Networking Lab Setup
A Cisco Training lab has been setup (by Gene Broda), including a fully equiped classroom containing servers, switches, and over 20 routers.  This lab contains enough routers and switches for all our planned Cisco classes.  We are still working on obtaining WAN simulators for Cisco Sem 4.  In addition a fully equiped open lab has been setup so students can practice outside of class.

Cisco Networking Academy
HCC has become an official local Cisco training academy, at the Dale-Mabry campus.  Current efforts including instructor training, course and book evaluations.  We have begun to offer CCNA trainging classes.  The CCNA training we offer lasts four 1-semester courses.  This year we have starting offering all four semesters for the first time.

Web Site Management & Linux Lab Setup
This course is being offered regularly.  In uses the Linux lab at Dale Mabry campus.  Linux is also available on other classroom and open lab systems.

Linux and Unix Classes
HCC is offering a strong Unix and Linux training lineup of three one semester classes.  Our equipment includes a Solaris8 Unix server and many Linux servers.  Our Administration classes cover all published objectives for Red Hat Certification, and much more.  Several Unix and Linux servers have been setup for student access, providing opportunity for practice outside of the classroom.

Java Classes and Lab
Currently I'm working on an advanded Java classroom and lab setup that would permit students to study advanded Java technologies, including Java 2, JDBC (Database), XML, JSP, Servlets, Security, and EJB.

New A.S. Degree
HCC has begun offering a new A.S. Networking Services Technology degree option, Unix / Linux System Administration.  (Other options are for Cisco and MCSE.)  We now offer courses in basic Unix/Linux, shell scripting, Perl (CGI) scripting, Apache web site management, and four Unix/Linux administration courses.  Soon we hope to offer a one year certificate for Unix / Linux Administration too.

Conference Presentatations
Annually attend conferences such as the LOI-CIT, where I present on using Linux in Education.

New Student Organization
We have started an HCC Linux Computer Club, which holds joint monthly meetings with SunCoast Linux User Group.

Rabaut's Biology CD Project
Required a way to play many sounds quickly from a web page without displaying any controls and without pre-loading all the media.  My solution was an invisible Java applet on the page, with a cache of previously played sounds, and a "play" method that can be invoked from JavaScript.  View the current proof of concept for this applet.

HCC O.I.T. Project
I'm currently working with Bruce Judd, HCC's vice-president of Information Technology (the boss of the OIT) on a number of long term projects including an IT hiring committee member, and HCC internship program, and community email server.

View my current projects
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Send comments and questions to pollock@acm.org.
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