Unix/Linux Post Install Task List

Note that many of these steps may be performed by the installer (anaconda for Red Hat / Fedora Linux), but historically many installers don't do all these steps, or don't do them in sensible or standard ways.  You should check all these items just to be sure they are set the way you want.  (Note you may not know what all these items are.  they may not apply to your system.  You should just skip over (for now) the items you don't understand, and hope the defaults are fine.)

If you find some step that wasn't done the way you like you can always change it, but think twice first since other installer software (and other administrators) may expect defaults and directory names to be the way the installer set them.

Note that many of these tasks are complicated and inter-related, and will be discussed at length later in the course.

Remember to record all changes in your journal!