Unix/Linux Administration
Overview of Change Management

Written 2004–2016 by Wayne Pollock, Tampa Florida USA.  All Rights Reserved.

Much of this material was adapted from The Practice of System and Network Administration by Limoncelli and Hogan.  ©2002 by Lumeta Corp. and Christine Hogan.  Published by Addison-Wesley.



  1. What is a fudge factor? 

    That is a term used to describe something extra.  In this case it means add extra time.  Say you think something will take one hour.  Don't tell users (or your boss) one hour, add a fudge factor of, say, 15 minutes or more.

    The fudge factor allows for the situation when something takes longer than you estimated.  You don't want to go over the time you told others it will take to complete some task.  As a new system administrator you generally add a big fudge factor (say double your original estimate).  As you gain experience, you generally add smaller and smaller fudge factors.

    The concept applies to everything, not just time.  If you have a budget request for new equipment for $122.00, then you should add a fudge factor and ask for a budget of $130.00 (or even $150.00 if you can get away with that).  When the price at CompUSA changes on you, you won't need to request a budget all over again as long as the new price is below your original request.  The concept applies to the maximum load of elevators (only in that case they call it a safety factor), the amount of cable you would need to purchase to wire a network, and so on.   Back